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RE at Hempstead Infant School


Foundation Stage

In the EYFS, we focus our learning through celebrations within the different cultures, festival celebrations and personal experiences of our children. We visit the local church at Harvest and Easter, and explore festivals such as Divali and Chinese New Year.



Key Stage 1

Year 1

The children focus more on specific religions; developing their knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity and the other principle religions represented in Great Britain, such as Buddhism and Judaism.  We aim to provide a rich and practical approach to Religious Education, with use of artefacts, role play and various media outlets in order to engage the pupils.

Year 2

The children develop a greater knowledge, awareness and depth of Christianity and other principle religions represented in Great Britain such as Sikhism, Islam, Hinduism.  The children have the opportunity, time and space to share views and feelings and to discuss issues raised in the light of beliefs of the religions studied.  We recognise that experiences at home can be used to develop learning in school and encourage children and parents to participate in the sharing of knowledge, views and feelings about their own religion, culture and celebrations